Torque Multiplier

You will get a wide range of supreme quality Torque Multiplier in different sizes, shapes and finishings here at Asmi Engineering. It generates a high torque output and designed for tightness of heavy load vibration machinery. In addition to this, the said product provides highly convenient manual operation which makes it appreciated in the market. This range is light in weight, compact size and gives maximum torque output along with exchangeable features. Torque Multiplier is highly in demand for its longer functional life, trouble free functioning, high strength and high performance efficiency. Furthermore, it assures various attributes which includes dimensional accuracy, corrosion resistance, low maintenance, reliability and easy usage. Customers can get this in different specifications according to their requirements.

Mono Series Torque Multiplier
  • Compact, Heavy Duty Torque Multiplier with a torque multiplication of 5:1.
  • Accuracy better than ± 4% with high repeatability.
  • Provided with detachable reaction handle.
  • Optional offset reaction arm also available on demand.
Slim Series Torque Multiplier

Torque Multiplier is a simple gear box, works on the principle of ‘Epicyclic Gearing’. The given load at the input gets multiplied as per the multiplication factor & transmitted at the output, thereby with a minimum effort you achieve greater load.

Hand Torque Multiplier